Istituto Cattaneo


The Itanes (Italian National Election Studies) Association promotes a research programme on voting behaviour in Italy, the origins of which date back to the early 1990s, when the Istituto Carlo Cattaneo Research Foundation conducted two post-election surveys (1990 and 1992) within the context of a project devoted to the study of change in the Italian political system. For the 1994 elections the Cattaneo’s research programme was joined by various researchers from several different universities, and in December 2007 they founded the Itanes Association.

Over the last fifteen years Itanes has carried out large sample surveys immediately after parliamentary and other elections, with funds provided by the Ministry for the University and Research, various universities, and the Istituto Cattaneo. Moreover, Itanes has acquired, re-organised, and rendered available data drawn from preceding surveys stretching back to the 1970s, in order to develop a robust historical documentation concerning Italian voting behaviour. Itanes studies intend to establish a dialogue with the social science community specialising in electoral studies by making available datasets for any researcher that requests them. Itanes regularly published the findings of its surveys with the Italian publisher Il Mulino.

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